Monday, 30 November 2015

Seward | Two Feet on Ground

Good bye Cruise, Hello LAND!! 

Two feet back on ground and off to Seward's airport!

On the way to the airport, we had a few stops to see a few things on the way. Not going to lie, our tour guide looked exactly like Santa Claus with a Hawaiian shirt on, just missing a surf board and Santa hat to complete the look. Despite having Santa as our tour guide, it was a lovely quick tour around Seward itself.  

We made a few stops just for photos around the area and we ended up going to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Maybe I will finally see a bear since the search in Icy Strait Point was a bit of a fail. 


Tidal Wave
After driving by and viewing the tidal wave, and seeing people surfing on it.
I fell asleep in the van and by the time I woke up, we were already at the airport. 

Got ourselves checked in and had a what they called a light lunch...
Massive Alaskan Crab Salad for me! 

Goodbye Alaska
It's been quite the trip 

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Hubbard Glacier

The stay at Hubbard Glacier was very short but a sweet one. After entering Yakutat Bay and arriving at the site around 8am. Depending on the weather and ice pack, the captain decided how long we were staying around the area to take photos and view at the glorious glacier. Don't want another Titanic ice burg incident right? 

Doesn't seem like there's much to see apart from the ice all around, however, if you were there with me, you would have heard the sound of ice crackling and falling. With eagle eyes, you might even be able to see ice falling after hearing thunder like sounds. Got all my warm gear out, with my neon green/ yellow beanie on and out I went to take photos! 

The cruise ship came to a stop and turned 360 a few times so everyone could have a view of the glacier. 

After sailing off again, one last day at sea to the last stop where we get off!

Now for a hot cuppa tea after being out in the cold!!

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Skagway | White Pass & Klondike

For the last excursion before being at sea for a full day again, we opted for the White Pass and Yukon Route. So basically, we went from being in America then entering Canada and then back in America within a three and a half hour tour. 

Plenty of graffiti going on here, from Captains' retirement to Disney and special occasions for cruises.

On the bus with our tour guide Thomas who was the loveliest guy ever, just a fresh college grad and working to help the out with the family income. His mom owns the Lemon Rose Bakery, go check it out in town if you decide to go have a browse around. 

Lemon Rose Bakery
Corner of 5th Avenue and State Street
Skagway, Alaska 

A bus ride to the top through Canada and over back to America again. Then we took the train back to Skagway. 

If it was snowing, I would have definitely feet like I was on the Polar Express! Now, just missing some slay bells and a hot cuppa cocoa maybe even with a choc chip cookie too. 

Peaceful and calm. Wouldn't have imagined people would travel all the way just for gold in Klondike region of Yukon in the North-Western Canada in the late 1800s. Hiking across these various mountains for gold to feed their families. 

The bridge which was in use in the olden days but for safety reasons, obviously not in use but still on display for us tourist. 

The quickest and smallest waterfall 

I love how this is actually called the Inspiration Point.
Just don't look down... 

Stopped twice on the way and even picked up a few hikers on the way too! There are guided tours for hiking, so if you're interested, have a look into it! 

Even the port was calling my name. 
Time to head back to the ship and sail away to Hubbard Glacier! 

Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Olympic | Chef's Table Dinner

A relaxing afternoon over looking the sunset and reading the last few chapters of "The Silkworm" by Robert Galbraith. After reading the first book "Cuckoo's Calling", it was a series I can't seem to put down. If you've read it too please let me know your thoughts! I've really been enjoying the mystery and crime stories by the author and now, I'm about to read the new one called "Career of Evil". 

The Chef's Table Dinner at The Olympic on the Celebrity Millennium will have to be booked in advance due to the limited space. Since we were a party of 7, we were able to reserved a table ourselves and enjoyed the night away with the Food and Beverage Director on board. This is a dinner which you will have to pay extra, however, if you do have a special occasion, for dinner, I do recommend trying certain ones such as this. 

First, with the flow of Rose Champagne while a staff opened the bottle with a knife like the old times. Yup, the whole top just came off and while that was happening, we enjoyed some canapes. 

A tour of the kitchen with the head chef on board too! Brings back memories working in a kitchen. 

Lemon Poached Lobster Medallion
with Caviar Chive Sour Cream Sauce
Venison Tartar
with Tarragon Sauce and Blackberries 
This was an interesting on for me, I've never really been a massive fan of Beef Tartar to start off with but I think it's changed my mind since this dish. Thinking that it would be very gamey like when it's cooked, however, it gave off a sweeter taste instead and slightly more chewy than beef. 

Fruits de Mer in Nori
Served on Sweet Soy Beurre Blanc

The chef cooking the Cioppino for us

Rustic Seafood Stew
Green Apple Sorbet and Calvados
Black Angus Filet Steak
Grilled Polenta, Green Asparagus, Creamy Mushroom Sauce
To end the evening with this dessert. 

Chocolate Dome Surprise
Coffee Creme Brulee with Raspberry Sauce
It was definitely a very enjoyable evening with plenty of wine flow. Portion size was definitely something to look into for this event. Even the Food and Beverage Director struggled to finish his plate. 

Ending the evening with a glass of port and food belly. 

Monday, 16 November 2015

Juneau | Walking on Ice

I practically had Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal almost every morning so there wasn't much going on with the breakfast front. Since we made a booking to go walk on the glacier too, thought it was best to eat something that filled me up but yet enough to for me to have energy. 

A short bus ride after getting our tickets checked and off we went to the flying sight. Funny how this was called the Lemon Creek too. 

A real brown bear on display...
I felt like a midget right next to it.

First the bus, then the helicopter after getting our icegrips overshoe on. Nicest day ever! We keep getting told that the weather had been rather warm for all Alaskans over the week. Must be our lucky trip to get great weather for all these excursions too.  

Up in Air

Could not believe how tiny all those people looked when we were over looking at the drop off sight. 

You can literally drink the water off the ground if you're brave enough to do a push up stand and sip on the water as we were told. Wouldn't have believed that I was standing on 3000 year old ice cube slowly melting it's way down to the rivers and creeks. 

Definitely recommend you all to get your winter warmers and coats because it's was so windy up there I felt like I was about to be blown away. Apart from being blown away by the scenic itself but LITERALLY... being blown off like leaves from the ground. 

My Outfit:
 Northface Beanie | Matthew Williamson Sunnies | Nike Pro Hyperwarm Top | 
Spyder Jacket | Zara Leggings | Camera Nikon DF | Aigel Hiking Boots 

Touch Down!
After that, a quick hot cocoa back in the room and a bus ride back to the main area where the cruise ported.

We went ahead and got a ride up the cable car and what a view it was. 

Crammed into this one and only Tramway with an operator who also played the drum to keep us entertained while we headed up and also our way back down to the cruise ship. 

A short hike around the area and down we went back by the port.
Try not to stand too close to the person who plays the drums... don't get me wrong, the information he talked about Juneau was very knowledgeable. However, the echo of the drums and sounds trapped in the cable car was starting to ring in my ears.  

Some of our friends went back to their room to freshen up and some of us went straight to the Macaulay Salmon Hatchery. Not too far from the port, a short taxi ride will take you there. Best to call for one too because by the motorway and there's no other way to get there other than a car. You can venture out and try to take the bus! We were suggested to call for a cabbie anyway just to ensure we weren't left in Juneau and the cruise ship sails off. 

I followed the bear and found myself a bajillion baby salmon. 

It was smart of Macaulay to have made start the hatchery here and cultivate them naturally. Though, it's also sad at the same time that all the hard work the fish swim out from fresh water to sea water and come home to get slaughtered and become our food. Am I being biased? I don't know. Can't deny the fact Macaulay made a successful business as natural as possible for the salmon too. 

Sailed away with another amazing sunset.

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