Monday, 22 January 2018

January Everyday Makeup Look

The makeup I've been wearing the most this January is this Mauvey look. I do tend to stick to very matte colours during the winter seasons, however, with special occasions, I do tend to do the very normal gold and bronzey look to have that bit of sparkle. 

I know all the makeup products have already been listed above but it maybe easier to see what I've used again so here they are:

Foundation : Cover FX Custom Cover Drops
Highlighter : Fenty Shimmer Skin Stick (Confetti)
Contour : Becca LIght Sculpting Perfector & Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder
Eyeshadow : Laroc Pro Palette
Eyeliner : Chanel Stylo Yeun Waterproof Pencil (Brown)
[only on the top eyeline and waterline]
Mascara : L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll Waterproof
Eyebrow : Bobbi Brown Brown Natural Brow (Auburn)
Lipstick : Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment (Walk The Way)

Personally, I tend to use powder only on the T-zone areas but since it's the winter seasons, because my skin can get really dry very quickly because of having foundation on, there are times where I will just skip even having any powder on.

From taking this day makeup to a night one, I tend to just add a winged-eyeline, darken a little of the same shades I have already used and even a red lip depending on my mood. Add a little more  powder contouring to deepen the colour slightly as most of the colour might have already come off for the day. 

Photos has not been edited or filtered*
Taken in natural light

Monday, 8 January 2018

Scary Start to the New Year

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Happy New Year Everyone!

This is generally not the start of a new year post I would do.
Normally, I do a Christmas wish list and present help list but last year, it just seemed to me that presents were not the most important thing but spending time with loved ones and have time to yourself (myself in this case) for once.
Hopefully, you will all forgive me for being MIA for a while.
Fresh start of the year has already made me plan to write more.

As spook as I can get from a horror movie, I've braved the new year to watch The Exorcist play at the Phoenix Theatre in London over the weekend. For someone like me who is generally horrified by the sound and word of "horror" in movies, somehow, the stage play wasn't too bad! 

It was a last minute impromptu kind of decision to go watch it on the day and prices were not bad at all for 15 pounds a ticket each. Mind you, seating selection can differ depending on the price range you're willing to spend.

Nevertheless (going back to topic), the play itself was not as scary as the movie itself so if you're going to brave it as watch it. I'd say go ahead and give it a go. 

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