Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Quick 'LATE' Note...

First and for most : HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope all wishes come true and all resolution get done (:

I have a few myself, though this is a new start. new chapter, new year. To begin with, of course, is to write on this blog more and make the most of everything. Try to spend more time with my friends.

Sorry for the "VERY INDEED" late update. Work's been crazy. crazy. & crazy. no other word to describe it.... Since I work in the Hospitality industry myself, it's well known to all. However, I do have a lot of places to introduce. fancy, cheap, romantic or even quick meals. will be updating soon when I actually get the time to type everything down !! And a few recipes to nail down too.

Wish you all the best of 2011 ! Have another great year.

with love,
x silv x

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