Monday, 8 January 2018

Scary Start to the New Year

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Happy New Year Everyone!

This is generally not the start of a new year post I would do.
Normally, I do a Christmas wish list and present help list but last year, it just seemed to me that presents were not the most important thing but spending time with loved ones and have time to yourself (myself in this case) for once.
Hopefully, you will all forgive me for being MIA for a while.
Fresh start of the year has already made me plan to write more.

As spook as I can get from a horror movie, I've braved the new year to watch The Exorcist play at the Phoenix Theatre in London over the weekend. For someone like me who is generally horrified by the sound and word of "horror" in movies, somehow, the stage play wasn't too bad! 

It was a last minute impromptu kind of decision to go watch it on the day and prices were not bad at all for 15 pounds a ticket each. Mind you, seating selection can differ depending on the price range you're willing to spend.

Nevertheless (going back to topic), the play itself was not as scary as the movie itself so if you're going to brave it as watch it. I'd say go ahead and give it a go. 

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Marc Jacobs Beauty x John Lewis Makeover

All products listed below are all Marc Jacobs Beauty of course. 

Primer : Under(Cover)
Highlight : Dew Drops
Foundation : Re (Marc) Able
Concealer : Remedy Concealer Pen
Contour : #instamarc\
Bronzer : O!mega Bronze
Eyeshadow : Eye-Conic Palette
Lips : Le Marc (Oh Miley 200) Strawberry Spice

Thank you Influsenster for the complimentary makeover with Marc Jacobs Beauty at John Lewis.
Also got a small gift of the Marc Jacobs too. The Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

Truth be told. I've never really tried anything other than the Marc Jacobs eye shadow sticks and lipsticks. So trying this mascara was very different for me because I do tend to stick to what I like with the eyes. Especially when I have very watery eyes and oily lids. What happens is, everything will run down like I've had a dramatic cry. Somehow, this has kept on pretty well for the day and even with the formula, I must say. I'm beginning to like it. The surprising part for me is the brush itself. Knowing my experience with mascara brushes, this is surprisingly coating my lashes pretty well even when I have the stubborn short, straight Asian lashes.

Let me know what you think of the makeover from the before and after photo.

Thank you influsenter again for the little makeover and mascara to try!

This is not a sponsored post*

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Birthday Makeup

I've kept it very simple this year with my birthday makeup. Sometimes less is more and it lasts me the whole day. 

Base : Bobbi Brown Vitamin Face Base
Foundation : Nars Matte Velvet Stick
Concealer : MAC Studio Concealer
Contour : Becca Lowlight Sculpting Perfector
Eyes : Urban Decay Ultimate Palette & Becca in Moonstone
Liner : Chanel in pencil & Love liner
Brows : Bobbi Brown Brow Gel (Auburn)
Mascara : L’Oréal Butterfly
Lips : Kryolan Dahlia Cheek and Lip tint 

Hair wise, the normal curls I like to set with tongs and pining it to set before letting it loose to keep it voluminous and smooth. Products I'm loving at the moment for hair are Wella EIMI Extra Volume  for volume and body and as always L'Oreal hair products (Elnett) never fail to impress me either to keep my curls in place.

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