Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Pantry Magic

I love to visit different kinds of cooking shops as I travel or where ever I go. HOWEVER! There's always one that I seem to go back to alot, I've discovered this shop many many years ago, even before I started Uni in Bournemouth.

It's just located between Hollywood Road where I've recommened The Press Room before and Queen's Road . This shop is now located on 25 Lok Ku Road, Central near Man Mo Temple. They open everyday from 10.30am - 7.30pm. I know they also have other shops around in Asia like Taipei, Singapore & Bangkok.
If you do decide to drive over there, make sure you find a paid parking spot. Don't wanna get a parking ticket ! (officers do walk around there quite often!!) OR! you can walk there from Sheung Wan's MTR station or even have a walk there after having brunch on Hollywood Road.
I love how authentic it is when I enter everytime, makes me feel like I'm back in lil pastry shops in London or even America.
They produce alot of their own brands too & also have monthly live cooking demos too!
This is my recent purchase from their shop! They're already ready for Christmas ( loving it ! ) Since I'm home in Hong Kong this time round, I've decided to splurge a little more and bought these lovly copper cookie cutters!
Copper Cookie Cutters

I can't wait to try these out and see post a gingerbread cookie recipe as well! I will be visiting the shop again before I travel early next month!

with love,
Silvy xx

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