Monday, 26 November 2012

Rough Mondays

What do you do when you're feeling run down and rough on a Monday morning and find that you can't do much?

Well, as for me, I stay in bed after downing a jug of water with some Panadol till I feel like I can't sleep anymore...

Knowing me, I like my tea, so using my biggest beer mug! Yes, from the one I got from Oktoberfest and pour as much hot water and let cool when I don't burn my lips.

This is already the 3rd mug !
And the most comfy thing that my mom makes when she knows I'm feeling ill, is some good old soup since my childhood.

For a small pot, and depending on the amount of ingredients you like, this is what you'd need:

Pumpkin (since it's seasonal)
Sweet corn
Meat of your choice (I personally recommed chicken, pork or ham slices)
Macaroni (your choice)
Salt and peppercorns
** optional- bayleaf

Chop the meat & vegetables in chunks all in similar sizes (bite size preferably). Add all the vegetables  and meat slices into a saucepan or pot with water and let it boil for a while till the meat is cooked. Right before serving, add some of your favorite choice/shape of macaroni and let simmier till they're at your liking. Of course! feel free to add your fav vege or seasonal vege to your liking as well.

I love home comfort food
Mix and match. Find what you're most confy food when you're feeling run down and ill like me... I'm just glad that I"m home this time! Because when I worked in London, I never cared much of my own health because I thought I'm young and I can definitely get through it! Little did I know it can do alot of damage to yourself (your own health)
If you are home alone at this cold seasonal weather, make sure you're fully concious of every step you're cooking and chopping!!

Stay warm everyone !

with love,
Silvy xx

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