Sunday, 9 December 2012


This is a perfect place where you can enjoy your own little "Hot Pot" during this cold wintery season in Hong Kong. I thought it was one of the best ideas ever! You can have your own little pot of flavor and fun at the same time with your other friends. This little Taiwanese hotpot place located in Tin Hau on Lau Li Street.

At first, when I started reading the menu, I thought they didn't have an english name. Little did I know, it was called iPot when it was pointed out to me, I laughed so loudly to myself in the little restaurant which sits only up 30 customers.

As each person gets their own dainty pot to cook their food in, there are a few soup base flavors which you can choose from and I was shocked at the first 3 tradition Taiwanese spicy soup. If you can read Chinese, I'm pretty sure you'll understand why I find it fun too.

Since it's such a small place, I recommend booking in advance as they do limit your time eating there as they have recently been even for popular. They're working hours start at 6pm so be prepared to hand the table in 2 hours if they're having a busy day. I went on a Monday, so it seemed like the restaurant was taking a breather from the chaotic weekend.

It works half like a buffet. First you choose your choice of soup base and meat & then you are free to pick your favorite vegetables, noodles and other goodies of your choice.

I tried the curry soup base instead since I'm not one of those who can take the intensity of the hot chili spices. If you are brave enough, I heard the owner who I started to chat with, had an even more spicy soup base for those who dare to try (it's not on the menu, so you will have to ask for it!)

At the end of it, it was truly enjoyable and I thought the price as per person was very reasonable.
If you didn't wanted the dessert which they provide, I will write up another review where you can can have either Japanese or Traditional Hongkanese desserts which is just located the street behind it !

Flying off to America in less than 24 hours! Excited ! But I will still keep posting.

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