Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Hope all of you out there are having a jolly one this year with your friends, family & loved ones. I blogged this pretty late because I wanted to spend some time with my own family here too (:

We had a proper roast today for a late lunch & it was delicious! I even made traditional Yorkshire Pudding. It's simple, all you need are: eggs, milk, flour & sunflower oil for cooking. I've also made some Rosy Pears for dessert.

I made some massive ones so I only made enough for 12. There are plenty of recipes online to see how you make it BUT! I do recommend this,

- Use a large enough bowl and make a well in the middle & add to mix an egg one at a time till each one is incorporated
- Make sure that the egg & flour mixture is somewhat wet NOT doughy
- Add milk gradually, whisk at all times to avoid clumps!
- Oven is on & heating the oil (it won't burst, so if you're not sure it's hot enough. Put a drop of mixture to try it out)

I try to make it light and healthy so I personally don't use too much sunflower oil. I pour the oil into the muffin tin & distribute it with a paper towel.

Hope all your wishes came true & spending a wonderful time with loved ones

The year is almost coming to an end but there will be more & better ones to come!

with love ,
Silvy xxx

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