Sunday, 2 December 2012


I'm super excited that this year I get to spend sometime with my family this Christmas holiday! It's been a long time since I've had a proper jolly holiday with my loved ones.

And I still can't believe it's been almost a year since I've been back in Hong Kong, now, I didn't discover this place, but it's a place where you will least expect to be! But I'm absolutely loving it.

It's called Ocean in Happy Valley on Sing Woo Road, when I first went there, I almost missed the entrance up some steep stairs! (Try not to miss it....). First impression after ringing the door bell, I've been received with a warm welcome over a gate and a door. It feels like you've gone to a restaurant by the sea because of the florescent blue light that rights Ocean.

Just before you make a booking there, be sure to remember that they accept CASH ONLY & they do not have any alcoholic beverages, so if you would like to get a bottle of wine or champagne, or whatever your fancy is, there is a corkage fee.  As far as I know, they open from Thursday-Tuesday and closed of Wednesdays. Pre-booking by calling them.

This dainty private restaurant which occupies about 24 is owned by a family of Christians, who I chatted with, was a chef at The Mandarin Oriental. 

Menu I've tried this time


Refreshing the palette

Well cooked Cod but I would have liked the saffron sauce to be a bit stronger too

I love the Pop Rock candy mix with crushed Oreo cookies!

I've tried their Beef Tenderloin during my previous visit and it was very well made but I wished the black truffle jus had a stronger flavor. Maybe it's because at my previous job in London, people do tend to like strong flavors and Asians tend to like lighter flavor foods.

Overall, it was a lovely experience at the Ocean and I do recommend it to my friends and family to go try too!

Happy Sunday!
with love,
Silvy xxx

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