Monday, 10 December 2012


This post will be very wordy. I'm at the airport of Tokyo at the moment, so I have yet to start taking photos of food and places all at the same time. Plus, I only have a few hours to spare to do some last minute snack shop for my family in the states.

But do you have any foods or snacks that you like to take along with you when you're traveling? I know for one I have a sweet tooth, second of all, I like the boost of sugar rush when I'm feeling like a zombie after a long flight or having a dry throat (like I do now...)

Speaking of dry. Did you know when you take a plane ride, the humidity drops down to 10-15%? Even I didn't know that till I finished university. Just remember to drink loads of water or fresh fruit juice too! I think it helps... When you actually drink a glass or wine or a small tumbler of whiskey at the airport lounge or on the airplane itself, you would definitely sleep a lot better even with a small glass of champagne. However, did you know any type of alcohol dehydrates you even more? I'm not saying you shouldn't or can't drink at all but just don't get so drunk you are suspended from your own flight !

Whilst traveling, just remember that rehydrating yourself is one of the most important keys. Second of all, is having some fruit so you still get your vitamins and minerals too!

I personally recommend my friends to purchase local food guides at your destination. Like now, in Japan, I would go out to a local bookstore (even though I can't read much Japanese, only the basics is more than enough) and purchase what Japanese people recommend themselves. Of course, I love the traditional sets with sakes and even having fun watching how the chefs cooking Okonomiyaki right in front of you. So even if you don't understand what they all say in the booklet, it's nice to see where locals go for even more amazing food!

Update more when I've landed in Atlanta.

Happy traveling!
I can't wait to make some hot apple cider either!!

with love,
Silvy xxx

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