Thursday, 7 February 2013

Last Minute Valentine ?

This "might" get a lil pink and red though, what other colour would you describe the word -Love. to be?
If you're a singleton like me at the moment, make something for yourself to enjoy with your friends or family! Just because you don't have someone to share it with, doesn't mean you have to be miserable or sad. Be spontaneous and create something sweet and share your love with those around you.

But if you do have someone to share it with, there are many different ways to show your love & it just doesn't have to be on this one day (Valentine's Day) but also many more. I always say this to my friends: Everyday is a Valentine's with your loved one.

BOYS! If you have a crush, girlfriend, wife or any female friend has a sweet tooth, don't just get them chocolate, teddy bears, one single rose, promises you don't tend to keep and/or a bunch of flowers. Well, of course it's nice! BUT! that can be done whenever... Personally, I think food is the best way to show a different side of love, GIRLS! Some say: To a man's heart is through their stomach. I'm not sure if that's all true, but it's definitely one of them.
Here are just a few ideas that might help you out:
Macarons are a great alternative than chocolate

Ispahan by Laduree
Hearted Pepperoni
 Pancakes / Watermelon & Orange Slices

Valentine Punch

Marshmallows covered with White Chocolate (Sprinkles & Shredded Coconut)

So how would you be spending your Valentine? A romantic getaway ? A meal that you've prepared the day before? An adventure outing? Or a proposal?
To me, the most important is whom I'm spending it with, so I hope you all out there have a lovey dovey one

With Love,
Silvy xxx
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