Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Green Waffle Diner

There aren't many places in Hong Kong I know where they actually do waffle in an American style. So I decided to look for one and it was pretty good!

Its called the Green Waffle Diner (looks more orangie-yellow to me though !!) In my opinion, yellow colour is a happy colour but on walls it makes me want to leave as soon as... They don't have an actual website but I found this on

It's located at the top of Graham Street, so I suggest coming down from Hollywood Road, so you might not have to walk through the wet market at the bottom of the road.

Pretty dainty inside but I love how they can open large windows to enjoy a breeze blowing in. Tables are normally rearranged on the go so be sure to book a table. On the day, cause I was a walk-in with a friend... so they might ask you to hand the table over after about an hour and a half. But the atmosphere actually reminds me of being back in London for a quick lunch and heading off to work again.

There weren't too many choices from the set (lunch) menu, but at you do get a waffle as a dessert with every set meal.

View from inside-out

Pasta Cabonara

Duck & Ham with Poached Eggs

Half Eaten Waffle

Overall, I did enjoy it but the way they list the items on the bill (check) was really weird for me... since it was a set lunch meal, surely the ordered items should be all inclusive...? I just find it akward to see a few other customers asking about the same question that's all. They need to even out their tables too... it's just a personal preference since it's not ideal to eat with a wonky table. Personally, I felt the main course plates are just a little too big for a small table for two, we could just barely fit another two cuppa teas too!

I had the pasta and thought it was pretty good except I still prefer the traditional style with an egg yolk without the cream.

But for a small cafe like this, it's really nice for a lunch and catch-up

With Love,
Silvy xxx

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