Friday, 28 June 2013

Broadway in Fulham & Harry Potter Studio

What started off to be a rainy and gloomy day from London has completely changed just over a drive to Watford's Warner Brother's Studio for the Harry Potter film set. Luckily when we (my parents and I) were already in the tour, it rained again and sunny when we finished! Unfortunately, I didn't get to try the Butterbeer because I wasn't feeling too well at first during the day.
Couldn't ask for a better day!
Anyone into architect, PLEASE definitely go!! It's a real inspiration!  I couldn't believe my eyes!
Don't get me wrong I have nothing against jellybeans but a few of the flavors really have creeped me out... I've actually seen a few people put it back into the shelves after they've learnt the prices too...
 When we finished the Harry Potter tour in Watford, drove back to London and decided to have some food since it was already getting late and trying to avoid the rush hour... SO! I decided to take my parents to The Broadway in Fulham Broadway. I love coming to this pub when I have any free time with my friends, it's convenient and they do live music on Thursday nights! But if you fancy a classier atmosphere instead of the pub downstairs, there's always the Broadway House upstairs (Membership Only*). If you're in the area, it is great for a business lunch or dinner, birthdays, wedding receptions at the terrace on a nice summery day.
Love the setting arrangements

Build your own BURGER!!
Cocktail Crayfish Po'boy

Sticky Meaty Pork Ribs with Coleslaw / Onion Rings 

Feeling better & can't beat a good pint or two after a long day

Why not go and give it a try this weekend?
Hope you all have a great weekend too!

With Love,
Silvy xxx


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