Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Byron Burger

Okay, despite all the claims and news about horse meat from Ikea and Europe, I've probably even had it for years and didn't know about it... Apart from that, I didn't seem to be the only one who had that thought too cause this place always seems to be busy even when the news was out!
At Byron, don't expect English portions to be like America now... If you do, you'll be in for a disappointment alright? Because portions in England are generally ALOT smaller than you get in the States. Despite from that, style-wise is close enough.
I like the open planning and kitchen style but those chairs were really uncomfortable to sit in.. no matter who I saw, we all wiggled and moved to make comfort... So if you're there early! Get the bench/sofa seats!
I wasn't too hungry, so I got a bun-less Skinny burger & it came with a salad which I'm sure most girls wouldn't complain and my friend there got a Classic. You'll have to order sides like chips and other condiments. Chip-wise (or as all my friends laugh at me when I say fries), either thick cut potato chips or typical pomme frites! Like I said, don't expect a large portion, as you can see, the slice of red onion is as big as the burger patty itself.
When it comes to having a typical American burger, you've got to have a milkshake, but I was disappointed with the strawberry milkshake there. When it first arrived, it was smooth and thick but the consistency changed dramatically after a little while which shouldn't really happen that fast!!
Since they don't do any starters, we had dessert there and not have SNOG (frozen yogurt) for a change. You can't beat a good old banana spilt with cream and cherry on top right?
Caramel & Honeycomb Sundae / Banana Spilt

Hope you all had a lovely weekend & more food to come !
with love,
Silvy xxx

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