Wednesday, 7 August 2013

First Stop : Romortantin-Lanthenay

On our way down to Loire-Valley our first stop was Romortantin-Lanthenay. It's the longest name I've ever had trouble pronouncing... BUT! In short, as far as I know, a lot of the locals there just say Romortantin.
To the Cabin !
First of all, I would recommend those who like (myself) to go for a road trip. It's alright splurge once in a while and book into hotels or chateaux which is really worth your money and time. While looking for chateaux, I normally first look at where we would wanna travel to or around. So, the first book or website I normally first look for the updated version of Relais Chateaux. I really do recommend this for travelling within France, though I have had a glance at other international destinations but I find most of the hotels and chateaux more in favor.
Where I stayed this time, it's not a Chateaux but it is a small family owned business in the heart of Romorantin, in the capital of Sologne, where the city that made Leonardo da Vinci. It's a very memorable stay there at Grand Hotel du Lion d'Or.
Shame it was still cold... Spring was 6 weeks late!
I love a good French Breakie

Off to Matra Museum

He really did catch that at the river

Logo of the hotel
Love this light red even though it's Sancerre

Yes, I love my tea where ever I am

White Asparagus feast (in season for April time)
Tepid Marennes Oysters, Muscat, Bacon & Rye Cracker

Grilled Scallops

Rack of Allaiton Lamb, Kashmiri Massala / Lamb stew with grilled sweet pepper

Warm Duck Foie Gras, Blood Orange with Gingerbread crumble, beetroot and cocoa
Veal Sweet-bread, Black Truffle Juice, Spring Vegetables
Farm Rabbit with fresh Morels / Racioli of fresh cheese and chives
Rib Steak Beef from Coutancie domain / Carpaccio Beef flavored with Picholine Olive Oil

Fresh flowers from my room

Fresh Strawberries from Romortantin

Tropical Souffle with Pina Colada Milk / Sorbet Rouge Trompeur
Puffed Pastry with caramelised Apples / Toffee Quince Ice-Cream

Dark Chocolate heaven
Strawberries candied like Jam / Milk Ice-Cream
Petite Fours / Elderflower Ice
I had the greatest pleasure to meet the owners (Madam Clement and Chef Clement) too! They are one of the loveliest couple (host) you'll ever meet. If you didn't get the chance to stay at this gorgeous Renaissance manor house, I do recommend (to the very least) to try and have dinner there. One of the best things ever to hear from a chef really, is that the ingredients are local and seasonal including the wine. Don't think you can ask for more when you hear a chef also says that most of the herbs are also home grown too.

I find a lot of wine from France have been under rated at all times. Just because it doesn't have an expensive price tag doesn't make it the best wine ever. That's my point of view, for instance, wine from the Chinon region.

The passion and love of food just comes from simplicity and basics.

More to come!
Enough of food now..

With Love,
Silvy xxx

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