Monday, 9 September 2013

Château de Cheverny

Believe it or not, but Cheverny is actually featured in The Adventures of Tintin (or so the French would say "tantan"), by Herge. To me, it's one of the classic comic books that's pretty up there next to The Peanuts with Snoopy, Charlie Brown and his friends. Speaking of comics, what's your childhood favorite?
Located in Sologne near Blois, the chateau is open to public viewing but a small wing of the building is privately sectioned  accommodating the owner's family, Marquise de Vibraye. Some rooms are still open to use for events.

We were very fortunate to see the Tour Auto passing by during the visit to Cheverny! Asking some of the official photographers for their race, there were somewhat about 400 antique cars including some newer Ferrari, Porsches along the tour around Europe. I managed to capture a few good ones as they were racing through time.  


All timbers are hand painted

Loving the center piece
Lady's Tea Room

Family Crest hand stitched

To the Back Gardens


On the day of the visit, we were in LUCK! The weather in Solongne suddenly got a lot warmer than expected! Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to view the full bloom of the flowers at all!

Café de l'Orangerie
Sat down at Café de l'Orangerie for a quick bite
Such a gorgeous day!

Loved how I felt like it was a little like Alice in the Wonderland

Tintin Museum @ Cheverny

Who doesn't love Snowy

Château de Moulinsart in The Adventures with Tintin


1 Avenue du Chateau, 41700
Cheverny, France
Enjoy the beginning of a new week
With love,
Silvy xxx

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