Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Comfort Road Trip Clothing

You could say I'm the type who doesn't follow the fashion trend each season or see me in many dresses and even coloured clothes much. That's just me though. On top of that, I don't normally post much photos of myself because I've had to embrace own body shape in a whole new way these couple of years but flip it, here's a definite change!
Let me give you a little in site of what key pieces I wore during my 10 day road trip down to Loire Valley. A lot of the following were collected through the years and have been well kept (cheers to my parents who taught me well on keeping my closet clean) all these years. Some are new, old, many bought from sales, gifts and even borrowed. My clothing choices are definitely a result of my parents' influences! A father who loves classic looking pieces, and a mother who loves casual clothing transforming into formal anytime of the day. Oh! and not forgetting my sister who tells me off that I wear too much black & navy.
I use to love wearing heels even if I felt like I was about to break my feet, all day, every day if I could. But ever since I've discovered and went through having one of the rarest cases of Spinal Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) these two years, I'm flats bound and grounded. Sad? Truthfully, I was to begin with but then again, I am lucky. Very lucky to be able to walk again even after having a foot drop on top of that and being on wheelchairs, walking frames and canes.
Can't believe this was already 5 months ago...
Preping the car for the journey
(in London)

Scarf : American Eagle | Coat : Burberry Brit | Jeans : Zara |
Boots : Russell & Broomley | Bag : Longchamp
On board after parking my car on Brittany Ferries
Blue and white stripes too!
Scarf : Boutique in Hong Kong | Top : Topshop |
Leather Jacket : Oasis | Bag : Mulberry
During the stay at Grand Hotel du Lion d'Or
Jacket : H&M | Top : American Apparel
At Chateau de Noizay
(post will be up soon)
Blazer & Dress : Zara | Shoes : Tory Burch

Dress : Boutique Shop in Hong Kong | Cardigan : Ralph Lauren |
Shoes : Vans (Lo Pro) | Shades : Ray Bans
Yes, my black Vans have turned grey because of the type of stones most chateaus cover their grounds with...

 What's one piece you can't live without ?

with love,
Silvy xxx


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