Friday, 20 September 2013

Mid Autumn Festival

Now a days, there are so many different terms and names also known as Mid- Autumn Fest (Festival). This celebration of the autumn full moon is also known as Moon Fest, Moon cake Fest (you eat moon cake, hence the name) and/or Lantern Fest. Depending on where you're from, different names will come up if you surf on the internet and learn about the history behind it.

Since I'm originally from Hong Kong, I'm sticking to Mid-Autumn Fest, cause that's the name I was taught with. The simplest explanation to this important Chinese festival is when family gather to celebrate the abundance of good harvest and gazing of the full moon. Kids playing with lanterns, while others snack on moon cakes. THERE! I think that is simple enough.

When it comes to moon cakes, there's no escaping from it when August comes to an end. Why? Because every available restaurant, bakeries, supermarkets, and even shops will be selling them. Then friends and family gift one another as good fortune and blessing.

I can remember when I was younger, holding a (what's to be extinct soon) paper lantern with a candle inside it. While running around my grandfather's garden, a paper lantern in the shape of a goldfish with pieces of gold paper leaves or a star fruit in green. Along side, of course, having moon cake with the family too. Lanterns these days are mostly made out of fabric material or plastic with a built-in LED light. You could say it's more user friendly and cheaper at the same time. Though, I must say, there are some crazy designs out there at this generation. What makes me laugh the most is seeing minion from the movie Despicable Me into a lantern instead of a glow stick. 

Rising Moon

Last year, at the Lantern Wonderland, I wasn't able to go to it since I was still just recovering from my surgeries and trying to walk normally again. Though, I was told to be lucky even though it was one of the most spectacular architectural designs (it was a bloody hot night). Nevertheless! This year's centerpiece design is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, metals and LED lights. This year's designer also used the reflection of water to complete the "Rising Moon". The interior of the Rising Moon also featured many recycled water bottles by Vita (sponsor) cover most of the ceiling. I didn't include a photo where the a part of the ceiling had hollowed out for the viewing of the moon at night because it really did only looked like a tiny spec of dot. Plus, the viewing of the moon in person will always be different through a lens.


This is what a typical boutique shop would look like selling moon cakes back in the hay-days 

Barley Cookies / Bird's Nest Cakes

This has to be one of my all time favorite childhood snacks by an old bakery called "Chan Yee Jai". I remember it's always the one thing my grandfather and parents will buy me when I was younger! Just thinking of it makes me want to get some more! (Hence my excitement and overloading on !!!!!!!).
Chan Yee Jai
176B, Ground Floor
Queen's Road Central

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
Enjoy the weekend!
with love,
Silvy xxx

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