Monday, 23 September 2013

Typhoon Bunny

Just a few days ago, it was just Mid-Autumn Festival with a little breeze in the evening and a few clouds in the sky, perfect for the viewing of the full moon. Couldn't stop laughing that the Japanese Meteorological Agency has named the typhoon Usagi aka Bunny. Even though it was one of the strongest current since the 80s, Hong Kong is definitely lucky to have just escaped from it.

I was kind of worried that the glass windows might not have been sturdy enough since the ones I have at home have semi floor to ceiling length...

Typhoon Bunny
My mom's always said to me that the only time my sister and I were allowed to have instant noodles when we were back in school was when there was a typhoon!! I suppose it's turned into a tradition when we're at home when the weather's this bad! SO! JUNK FOOD GALORE!!! Actually... I can only eat one and that's my max limit. Since I thought it was gona be a junk food day, thought I would add in a can of coke zero HA!

I had Shin Ramyun
I normally end up just editing photos, do some more laundry, watch a movie (forgot to stock up on popcorn) and just chill! Most probably have the news on somewhere in the flat just so I can listen while chatting with my friends around the world whoever's up at their time.

Speaking of what else I would do, I love going online to see what kina of new fashion pieces I would find.
I know I can't heels but there's always the goodness in eye-candying!

What would you do with your time when a typhoons coming?
Be safe and smile
with love,
Silvy xxx

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