Sunday, 27 October 2013


Chocolate Shelled Ice cream with my coffee

Clockwise : Caffe Americano | Sorrento Salad | Luis Panini

Since my dad went to a business trip up in China, I tend to like to spend at least a meal with my mom, depending on what I did the night before and if I don't managed to get up to be out and ready for breakfast, I'll definitely have lunch or dinner with my mom, if I didn't end up meeting any of my friends either. Leaving that aside, I love trying new places too anyways.

Since it's in IFC, the best next excuse I have really to go there is shopping! I have quite a few weddings to go to myself next year, so getting dresses now just makes my own life easier too! Bad habit? Maybe, but I know I wear them more than just once!

The sitting area is first come first serve, but they will give you a number card so the waiter can bring your food to you. I love their setting of tables, long tables which makes it very casual. The only downer about this shop's downer point is that, it's right next to the ladies' room... Apart from that, generally, the quality it's pretty good. Personally, I would like the Panini to be more toasted and warm. For what we ordered, the price came just below HKD$350 considering the location and ingredients used, it's to be expected. I thought the chocolate shelled ice cream was a very nice touch with the coffee. It's been years since I've actually had one since I left London.

Shop 3077
(3rd floor of Oval Atrium)
IFC Mall, Central

Hope everyone's had a great weekend!

Silvy xxx

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