Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas Flowers

Can't believe Christmas is right around the corner and I actually took the trip to go to the Flower Market on the Kowloon side just to get some Christmas flowers. This was before I was admitted back to the hospital for my second operation.

Personally, Brighten has one of the best flowers sold in the Flower Market and they also have a 4 story tall shop selling seasonal decorations as well as faux flowers and other home décor accessories. 


Perfect for a Princess

First floor of Brighten (Décor shop)

Seeing vibrant color flowers always puts a smile on my face too.

I ended up buying a mini wreath, a small bouquet with the same leaves and berries and two miniature Christmas flowers. I think one of the best stores other than the Brighten shop filled with flowers is on Yuen Ngai Street. Go check it out, it maybe a small street but it's definitely filled with flowers every season. I'm definitely going back to the Flower Market during Chinese New Year!

Flower Market Road,
Prince Edward,

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