Monday, 30 December 2013

Ladurée in Hong Kong

When I first heard Ladurée coming to Hong Kong, I was over the moon you can say. I'm that typical girl who loves a good traditional French macaron. After being in London for about 10 years, it's hard not to pass by Harrods for an afternoon tea with my best friend who loves a nice cuppa tea with me. The Ladurée in Hong Kong is also the only place where they allow customers to take photos of anything and everything. If you go to the ones in Paris, London, or even Tokyo, I've definitely been told not to take any more photos at all or even having to delete them. Don't mind them, it's just their policy which I respect.

As far as I know, another company was going to franchise Ladurée in Hong Kong but with the weather and supplies in Hong Kong, it is very hard to make a good macaron. It's way too humid here in Hong Kong, just the thought of having the macaron shells to dry is a challenge, and the ingredients used definitely have an affect of the out come of just a batch of chewy, tasty macaron. Which is why, all macrons are freshly flown from Switzerland daily and the decorations from tables to chairs and counters have the same touch as I remember them in Harrods.

My four macaron picks from the top clockwise
Rose | Salted Caramel | Orange Blossom | Strawberry Marshmallow
 Sad to say that, I am more disappointed in the macaron, I can't complain much since they are flown fresh from Switzerland daily. The texture of the macaron definitely feels like it's been left in the fridge for the next day to enjoy. Apart from that, the flavor is there, personally, I think it's tastes a little sweeter than the usual ones. Since it's only been opened less than a month, it does attract a lot of peoples attention especially a lot of tourists go to Times Square for a bit of a shopping spree. I'm glad I still get to enjoy the macarons from Ladurée but unfortunately when I ordered my tea, they had a bit of a mix up and they ended up giving me a Jasmine instead. To my most disappointment, they didn't have my favourite, the Coupe Ispahan or any sandwiches or even salads. Hopefully, they will soon have them ordered in and start making salads and sandwiches too! Because if they can make them just as nice as they do in Europe, in Hong Kong, I wouldn't really mind paying a bit of it's price to enjoy what I use to with my bestest friend. There's also a good selection of tea for everyone to try, I do think there's a larger Asian tea selection more than I remember.

Clockwise from the top
Raspberry | Rose | Orange Blossom | Chocolate Marshmallow
Shop no. Kiosk 3/F,
Times Square,
Causeway Bay

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