Sunday, 1 December 2013

Palettes with Sparkles

Smokey Cool Eye Palette
Ivory | Graphite | Smokey Grey | Truffle | Platinum | Caviar

Unlike shopping for makeup in America, sometimes, it's really hard to find a palette that may suit one's price tag. Which is why I love Bobbi Brown, since I've used them since I've got into makeup when I was a teenager. It's definitely one of my favorite ones comparing with Shu Uemura. Because most of their foundations and concealers have a more yellow undertone. That is definitely a bonus for us Asians. But for shadow wise, I do have to give it to Bobbi Brown palettes. Even though they normally end up leaning towards warmer brown and taupey colours, they never cease to disappoint if it comes to a classic look. This palette itself is HKD $550.

After having a look around at the counter, instead of the Smokey Warm Eye Palette or Old Hollywood Eye Palette, I went for the Cool Eye. Why? Because if you're like me and already own plenty of brown tone shadows, it would feel like it's just another neutral palette.

Colors are very buildable and smooth. I am quite fare comparing to most people, so lighter colors may not appear as well. Smokey Grey has definitely stood out the most to me. With Graphite and Platinum, I do recommend having a base color so it shows its color more.

NYX! When I was in London, it was really hard to purchase their products because there wasn't any! But when I went shopping with my sister a few weeks back, and the only floor counter there was in Hong Kong is in Harbour City (LCX mall). 

I love a bold lip color and with the light setting I had, the color of the lippie didn't turn out to be more red. In real life, it's far more pink like freesia. I also bought the Kohl Kajal Black eyeliner, personally, I'm more of a fan of liquid liner but I just had to try it out. It's pretty smooth on had till I tried it on my eyes. It's still smooth and everything, but maybe it's because I do prefer just smudging black liners for a smokey eye look. 

From all the palettes they have to choose from, I chose this one because I find a lot of the palettes were very simmery apart from the neutral palette. But what stood out the most to me really is not only the natural color it has but also the navy blue. After swatching it at the counter, all colors are very buildable and I just couldn't resist the viberant blue. 

If you have a girlfriend who loves her makeup, why not find her the perfect palette as a gift in her stocking? Obviously, try to find out whether she has it or not yet! 

Christmas is just around the corner now, looking forward to all the food and celebrations with all my friends and family. 

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