Thursday, 30 January 2014

Lunar New Year Fair

This year will be my second year being back in Hong Kong completely for Chinese New Year I find that the enthusiasm doesn't seem to be as it use to be when I was a kid. Nevertheless, this year is the year of Horse! Wishing you all the best in health and happiness! Hope this year will be better than the last!  
The Lunar New Year really starts tomorrow and everyone must be busy cleaning and clearing out the old in and with the new. It's practically like spring cleaning but obviously Chinese style! At least that's the way I've seen it all these years.
Couple of days when the Lunar New Year Fair was opened, it's a good idea to go during the day more than it is at night, even though the way to see things are completely different. During the day, you can view the flowers a lot better but at night, the atmosphere really is different, it becomes more of a night market where you can buy all sorts of things from traditional sweets to stuff toys these days. It's free admission so year after year, it gets more and more packed with locals and tourists. Though, there's definitely a lot less viewing of the flower stalls and more of the other trinkets and toys being sold at the fair in Victoria Park.
One of my old favorites

Called : Lucky Bamboo
Not the biggest fan of shredded coconut but I will have this !
There's even Emoji pillows and accessories

Completely packed !!

Whole view of Victoria Park
Wishing you all a prosperous year, great health & happiness !
With love,
Silvy xxx

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