Wednesday, 5 February 2014

50 Random Facts About Me

  1. Silver has always been a nickname (one of those names named by friends and got stuck with it)
  2. I have cancer
  3. I was only a few years old when my grannie first put red lipstick on me
  4. Studied Hospitality Management
  5. Mostly speak in Chingalish (Chinese + English)
  6. Have the weirdest accent... Canadian Americans think I sound English and the British think I sound Canadian/American
  7. Use to walk to university even if it takes 40 mins one way and the same back to home
  8. People think my older sister is my younger sister, my mother is my older sister and my father is my older brother or have said boyfriend...
  9. Most of my closest friends think I'm a lunatic
  10. Favorite colour is white because I can paint whatever colour I want.
  11. Even though I wear black and blue the most.
  12. Went to a boarding school in Somerset
  13. There I was the only Asian who didn't take Math, Further Math, Languages, Business, Economics or any Sciences for a-levels
  14. There I also had my first bite of marmite (thought it was chocolate). hated it and still get laughed at for that...
  15. Currently have 5 piercings and a tattoo
  16. I don't know when I feel hunger or full (after I've had a few operations)
  17. Burnt my right hand with fireworks when I was a kid (accidents happen... what can I say, fireworks were cheaply made)
  18. Scrapbooking to me is very therapeutic
  19. I clear out clothes from my closet twice a year
  20. Use to be a sports addict
  21. That all stopped because of all the operations I've gone through these two years.  
  22. Will tell people my full honest opinion when they ask
  23. I don't watch TV that much
  24. Hence why I can never finish a soap or drama series
  25. Current age
  26. Worked as a chef, bartender, trainee nurse, freelance designer, makeup artist, there's more...
  27. Video game and Nikon kinda girl
  28. Played with fire and burnt my parents' room's carpet when I was about 7
  29. I've known my bestie since kindergarten
  30. I do a lot of window shopping before doing the actual shopping
  31. Absolutely dislikes clowns (also thinks Ronald Macdonald looks scary and creepy)
  32. Once I start laughing, I never seem to stop
  33. Was a vegetarian for a couple of years
  34. I'm an ambidextrous
  35. Lived in England for almost 10 years and never went onto the London-Eye
  36. On top of that, I've stuck with my Canadian American roots and still don't understand most English slangs even though I'm considered European
  37. Hyper most of the time even though I look calm.
  38. When we (my family and I) go travelling, people mostly assume we're Japanese
  39. I use to play the Bassoon in school 
  40. Donated all my Barbie dolls and loads of toys I shared with my sister to a local orphanage when we got older
  41. Use to have baby sharks in my grandfather's fish tank
  42. Never finished watching E.T ever...
  43. Don't like to eat fast food unless that's my only last resort
  44. Would try anything once (within reason of course)
  45. Love to go for a good old sunny tan on a beach, pool or any vacation
  46. Going along from that, I don't understand why Asians like to use Whitening products even though I'm Asian myself.
  47. If kiwi doesn't kill me, it can give me lips like Angelina Jolie.
  48. Favorite all time perfume has been discontinued : Valentino Rock n' Rose  
  49. Use to have to buy men's sport shoes because I had big feet as a kid
  50. A smile or laughter can always lighten up any bad thing or day
Thanking you for taking your time to get to know me a little bit better
Much love,
Silvy xxx

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