Friday, 21 February 2014

Morning Skincare Routine

First thing I do, I definitely turn on some music to keep me going! So on my iPad, I have an app (TuneIn Radio) to listen to radio stations mainly from Atlanta and London! Keeps me updated with news and also the latest music at the same time! Okay, a lovely reader has asked me what my skin care routine is so here goes! Just a little bit about my skin type, I have combination skin, the typically oily on the T-zone and chin. Though, seasons change and our skin condition changes as well. This combination works well for my skin daily. 
To start off with, obviously, good splash of water then using the following:

(1) Lancôme : Galateis Douceur
I've been using this line's products for almost 2 years and it's gentle for my skin. Two pumps of this is enough for my face and I gently massage the product to my face before I wipe everything off with some cotton pads. Afterwards, a good splashing of water on my face again to make sure all products are off! A clean face towel to dry my face and ready for some moisturizing actions. 

(2) Lancôme : Tonique Douceur 
After using this toner for such a long time, it seems to be one of those ones I always go back to after trying other ones. It's refreshing and soothes my skin especially after a day out in the sun. It's alcohol free too! 

(3) GoodSkin Lab : Smooth 365
This is a pretty new addition into my skincare not too long ago, and at the moment I'm really liking it! Check out my review of it (here). I use just about a pea size of this product and concentrate mostly around my nose and cheek area. Letting it absorb and dry first before the next product. 

(4) Bicelle : Hydra B5 Gel
Bicelle is another line of brands that I've used since my teenage years! It was my mom who introduced it to me at first and ever since then, I've never looked back to any other serums. I generally use three drops, one on each of  my cheeks and one on my forehead. Which is enough for my entire face and neck area. Let that absorb again before this...

(5) Clinique : Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + (DDML+)
The new DDML+ is really light for my skin and it's not sticky either. One pump is enough for my face and neck too! I love it even more that it's got a pump since most moisturizers comes in tubs or tubes. 

(6) Galderma : Rozex Tropical Gel 
I use this most when I get spots or the general rosacea on my nose and cheek area. 

After which, some lip balm and then my makeup!

What is your skincare routine? 

much love, 
Silvy xxx


  1. I adore Clinique products, they are such a great product and always makes my face will so good :)

    1. Their compact foundations are pretty good as well! x

  2. I use than toner as well and love it! So refreshing on the skin X

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