Thursday, 6 February 2014

Wishing Tree

The original (legendary) Wishing Tree

During the Chinese New Year, it's also a tradition to go for a long walk with family and friends. It's suppose to bring good luck and fortune. So you will see a lot of people going on a hike at the peak or temples too. I remember coming here (Lam Tsuen, Tai Po) when I was a kid and the tree was really filled and covered with real oranges and joss paper wishes attached to it. Because of all the wishes people make and the weight of the fruit on the tree, it was causing damage to the tree instead, so the government has made an artificial tree and oranges allowing the tradition to continue. Apart from that, it's not an easy task to throw that little plastic orange you buy. They say, the higher you can throw, it's more likely your wish will come true. I don't know if that's true or not, but I know that's what the elderly use to say.

Since it was a glorious day, I couldn't resist going with my parents early in the morning and making the most of the time when it's already considered less people. On top of that, I get to get use to the new camera I'm using at the moment. When we left the place, a sea of people came flooding in. I love how they still have the small trinkets being sold, like the colourful windmills and decorations.

Lotus Flowers

What I Wore :
Tank : ASOS | Jeans and Cardigan : Zara |
Scarf : Boutique in HK | Shoes : Orange Vans |
Bag : Rebecca Minkoff (Hudson Moto Mini) | Glasses : Thrifted

Original Joss Papers that use to be attached to oranges

Tin Hau Temple

Incense sold row after row  

Lion Dance for Blessing

Plum Blossom field

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