Saturday, 1 March 2014

L'Oreal : Color Riche Lipstick

Top: Bloody Mary & Glamor Fuchsia 

On hand it may not seem as intense at first, until its applied onto my lips, you can get that vava voooooom colour. Only for (HKD)$98 for this lipstick, I think it's a pretty good deal because it's also very long lasting as well. I have the typical dry lips all the time so I do have to make sure my lips are condition all the time before a bold lippe kina day. I've only bought two of the colours which stood out to me most. The lipstick doesn't bleed too much on my lips without having a liner underneath and it does leave a stain to the lips during the day if you're not always on coffee or tea run like me. Very velvety texture, some reviews say it's a matte finish but I'm find it still gives off a little shine.

I will go back to purchase the rest of the colours soon! Somehow I just love to see how well they do in bold colours first.

Wearing Glamor Fuchsia 

Love trying new things!! Up for new suggestions too if I can get my hands on them.

Which lippie are you rocking now?

with love,
S x

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