Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Body Shop : Blueberry (Special Edition)

I'm probably the last to have come across this from my friends and I couldn't help myself but make this purchase either since I'm in need of a new body moisturiser. I haven't actually bought any goodies from The Body Shop for the longest time since I've moved back to Hong Kong. So when I saw the new edition of the blueberry in shop, I just had to give it a whiff. If you like the Blueberry flavor from The Body Shop before then you'd probably love this just as much or even more. Though, this does smell a lot sweeter than the original Blueberry. Kina reminds you of Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory turning into a plump blueberry doesn't it? So sweet even a sweet tooth like me want to go and get some blueberry jam on toast now! 

Blueberry Body Scrub-Gelee (HKD) $199
You'd probably have the same reaction as I did. IT LOOKS LIKE JAM! Smells so delicious that you'd think it's edible. Each pot contains Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia made from the nectar of wildflowers. My skin has definitely felt alot smoother after a good scubin'. 

Blueberry Body Butter (HKD) $189
Within the creamy jar of body butter, it consists of at least 500 blueberries in each pot containing Vitamine E and Blueberry Seed Oils leaving my skin moisturised and amazingly soft. 

With so many different flavor from The Body Shop, what's your favorite?! 

S x

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