Thursday, 20 March 2014

Travelling Light

I love receiving my readers emails and asking me questions, makes me feel like I can try to help one way or another. So! I was asked what I do with the products I use daily and with so many of them in large heavy bottles, there's no doubt something has to be done. I'm in Fukuoka, Japan at the moment and since it's a short trip, sometimes you feel like bringing the whole bottle of toner, cleanser, as well as the essentials for the shower. Because it's just easier right? But then when it comes down to space and weight of the luggage, that's the main issue if you do end up wanting to do a bit of shopping huh? A little trick and tip I have learnt from my parents and travelling over the years too. 

My advice? Depotting or Rebottling. You know you have the odd old bottles of sample bottles or even new ones? I find that they are perfect for travelling for short trips. If you think about how much product you use daily, it's pretty easy to think how much of one product you will need just in a weeks time. Don't throw away those sample sizes cosmetics brands give you either! I tend to ask for the product I use after I have purchased for a restock, since I do say I am about to travel. 

For instance, I tend to use eye creams the least, so I try to find the smallest pot I have and label it. If you have almost used up a cleansing product like I have in the photo (Lancôme Gel Eclat, actual size), it's okay to bring it along since it's almost done. Plus, when you're travelling, depending if I like the product the hotel provides, give it a try before taking them home with you for the next trip! I'm sure house keeping will replace the products you've used while they are cleaning the room you're staying in, they are one of the perks. One of the best shops I tend to go back to, for these small bottles or jars is Muji. Because they have a wide range in general and I haven't had the spill all over the place (yet, touch wood). 

Buy the smallest size tooth paste can come too! If you can't buy them in shops back at home, most airports have a drugstore like (Boots) for you to buy travel sized items. If you really can't be bothered, you can buy it when you've arrived at your destination. Ziploc bags are gonna be one of your best friends to keep all the liquids bottled items. Definitely keeps your clothing dry if it did spill or explode one way or another during the flight. I always keep extras in my suitcase just in case I buy more liquid products. 

Hope this helps a little. More updates and loads of photos to upload from my trip! 

With love, 
Silvy xxx

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