Sunday, 6 April 2014

Day 3 to Gion

Another filling breakfast to start the day ! 
Since Gion wasn't too far from the hotel, we were able to walk to the Kushida Shrine by foot through the underground passage. Every year, there is an annual festival in July, Hakata GionYamakasa, where you will spot half-naked men in loincloths running around town carrying a one-ton decorative float with some long lumber. 

The actual lumber they carry with the decorative float

Doll Festival Decor 

The One Ton Decorative Float
A whole floor of ramen restaurants at Canal City 

Looks like I'm eating three bowls of ramen on my own.
I promise you I'm not!
We thought we'd have a light lunch but we ended up having a large bowl of ramen each at Canal City! 

Excuse the weird look but I just couldn't help myself!
Used a heatless method to curl my hair 
Japanese Crepe with Ice Cream Mochi and Strawberries 

Went shopping before heading to dinner
Scarf : HK Boutique shop | Top : Zara | Cardigan : Cos
Jeans : Zara | Shoes : Hush Puppies | Bag : American Vintage 
Dinner time
Recommended by one of our friends in Hong Kong, we decided to try this seafood restaurant which is very popular among the locals, Chikae.

Sake for the night 

Just barely understanding which type of soy sauce to use during our meal
There are alot of Chinese character within Japanese writing

My dad was trying to convince me that we can eat the squid alive.... LUCKILY! I didn't... A lovely lady sitting next to our table have kindly told the waitress to cook the squid for us. I guess if that lady didn't mention it to the waitress, I suppose I really would have tried to eat it raw.... would have really been a sight...

Japanese style Calamari 

Dinner ended with a lovely fish miso soup
Such a lovely dinner! 

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