Thursday, 3 April 2014

Louis Vuitton Prefall Show

From all displays, this is my favorite one!
Like Forrest Gump said : Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're gona get.
I'm loving it even more when it's bags!! 

A break from the photos of the trip I took to Fukuoka, because I have about 5 more trip photos to share. I'm pretty sure most of you fashionistas out there know that Marc Jacobs have been working as the artistic director in Louis Vuitton for 16 years. And I guess you could say, it's time for a change since Marc transformed Louis from a heritage luggage purveyor, into a glamorous luxurious commercialized powerhouse. Phew... even when I thought of writing that was a brain twister... Nicolas Ghesquiere from Belenciaga has been named the new artistic director of the women's collection and this event, is one of the prefall collections. You can see there are still some elements of Marc Jacob's input, because it is one of the last designs from him for Louis Vuitton, but after viewing the collection, the range of clothing and accessories seemed alot more everyday friendly. But of course, Marc Jacob's flamboyant designs for Louis Vuitton on the catwalk are surely going to be missed. 

The event was held in Murray House, Stanley. One of Hone Kong's historical buildings which as moved brick by brick from central. Luck was really on our side because these couple of days have been gloomy and rainy. Would have been drenched in the rain that evening if we left a few minutes late! 

These remind me  very much of Timberlands 

The only canapes I managed to capture 
There's a loafer design with the red leopard print.
Kina eyeing that up already 

Mom and I
What I wore from head to toe
Blouse : F21 | Blazer : H&M | Necklace : Zara | Bag : Rebeeca Minkoff |
Midi Skirt : Miss Selfridge | Shoes : Knock off of Vans bought in Japan

What are your fondest piece of Marc Jacobs' design?

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