Monday, 14 April 2014


Yes, I've been eating a whole bowl of rice every morning for energy!
Sick of seeing my breakfast yet? 

Took the bullet train and off to Mijoko!

Our lunch view 
Was gona have a light lunch, the smallest size they had !

This is the European house where Albert Einstein and his wife stayed during his trip to Mijoko. It also serves as a museum now with many of the original furnishings which Einstein used all those years ago, along with local posters and other decorations. 

How could I resist sweets in Japan? 
Green tea ice cream with red bean paste, chestnut and monchi 

The weirdest and funniest thing I saw at Mijoko...

Dinner back at Hakata 

As for dessert, shaved ice with green tea ice cream, red bean paste and mochi. Today's really been a green tea flavour kinda day! Bit cold for shaved ice too! But hey! One of the sweets I will not pass up when I travel in Japan.

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