Friday, 16 May 2014

Candle Craze

Who doesn't love a good scented candle? It's pretty hard to find the candles which I love here in Hong Kong. Either it's too expensive or the scents are just not up to standard. While I was out shopping with a friend I stumbled upon a shop called Dudes in Causeway Bay where they sell mostly American products. I mean... that is like a dream come true here!! It's not very often you see Bath and Body Works or Yankee candles around that often! They also sell other beauty and fashion products too! Lorac, Michelle Phan's em cosmetics line, Too Faced, Nars Narcissist palette! Urban Decay, Sigma, Aeropostale by Beathany Mota, Toms, Keds. They even have food and snacks! When I saw they were selling Apple Jacks, my jaw just dropped and felt as if I as in heaven already. They also told me that if I had other products that I wanted, they would also try to order them in too! Now that would be very handy indeed. Some products maybe a little more expensive than it's original price but remember, it's imported after all. Sometimes it's better than none right? 

After having a look and whiff of the different scented candles, I went for this one. Lemon Mint Leaf. At first, it smells very pungent of a citrus spearmint but after burning it for a little while, somehow, it smells more like lemongrass instead. It's relaxing and very spa like. Definitely going back to the store for more! 

2nd Floor,
51 Sharp Street East, 
Causeway Bay

Open Daily 12pm - 9pm 

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