Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Hair Accessories Obsession

1. Krystal Swarovski Daisy 
2. H&M
3. Johnny Loves Rosie Statement Rose
4. Deepa Furnani Beaded Diamond Side Headband 
5. Dolce & Gabbana 
6. Erin Elizabeth for Johnny Loves Rosie 
7. ASOS Limited Edition Faux Peral & Crystal
8. ASOS Big Bow
9. Oasis White Rose Garland
10. ASOS Hair Comb
11. Eugenia Kim
12. Aldo Sanvincente Flower 
13. ASOS Jewel Leaf Headband
14. ASOS Embellished Headband
15. Lipsy Wonderland Alice Band
16. Jennifer Behr
17. River Island Daisy Chain 
18. ASOS Faux Pearls 

Okay Okay... I may have went over board with the obsession with hair accessories here... but since I do have a few weddings to attend this year and especially this coming summer, I just couldn't help myself but have a look what's out there and I NEED HELP! I love all the above too! Some are quite out there and in your face but others are simple, yet elegant. Because I can't decide what to get or let alone the hairstyle itself! So a little blinged up accessories can always give a little more inspiration than you think! Plus, I'm still on the hunt for my perfect flower crown or headband that I will love. Well, I might have to make my own if I can't ever find one. 

I always love Johnny Loves Rosie's hair accessories, it can go from a simplistic style to rock'n'roll and festival like! Not to mention Jennifer Behr's collection are always classic and occasional appropriate. Though, it will do a bit of a damage to my bank account... 

I love watching tutorials and doing them myself too! So if anyone has any recommendations, feel free to let me know who I should watch or read! Totally open to suggestions !!


  1. I'll take 1, 2, 4, & 18 please! These are so cute I love them!

    xo, Amanda
    Brunette with a Bow

    1. I love them all! That's why I can't seem to decide xx

  2. They are awesome !



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