Friday, 2 May 2014

Japan Haul

Clutch by Aquagirl
Skirt by Mackintosh Philosophy
Skirt by The Virgnia
I'm not one to take alot of photos of what I wear because I seem to be seen the same old things apart from this day where I'm in one of those rare days in a skirt. Plus, (being honest here) I've always had yo-yo weight, so it's kina hard sometimes to feel confident but hey, it's a start huh? 

Some brands I haven't seen in Hong Kong!
Not going to lie but I did buy multiple ones here are just a few 

I wish Hong Kong sold Rimmel London cosmetics! Just can't believe there were alot more choices with other brands too! Since I will be returning London soon, I thought I would be good and just hold back till I'm back to the full collection! Choices of makeup in Japan is endless, to me at least! I love these Heroine Made mascara too! Since I have the typical Asian eyes and oily lids, they're the best line for waterproof liner (pencil or liquid) and mascara in my opinion. If you ever get a chance to get a hold of them! MUST TRY!! I also got this NYX palette at Tokyu Hands, so much cheaper than I thought!! I can't remember the prices since I couldn't help myself and use them... so really sorry about that. Bought some stationary at Tokyu Hands too but since they're just plain files and multi-coloured pens, plain old sticky notes for my diary, thought these makeup would be more interesting to try out! 

Snack Bags 
  I actually went by Daiso and wanted to have a browse at a few things like small containers for makeup but instead, I ended up with these cute snack bags, since I do bake a bit, giving these out are cute aren't they? Apart from all these were food... And from my last Japan post... as you probably saw, half of a suitcase were just food and goodies! 

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