Monday, 16 June 2014

Honest Burgers

Sheppy's Somerset Cider and Homemade Lemonade 

Went for a walk down in Portobello Market with my parents on Saturday and too bad the weather was just a little overcast. I must say, I do really feel like I've never left all these years but everything seems to have changed at the same time... Get what I'm saying..? 

Honest Burgers (click here), hidden behind all the street stalls during the weekend and we went in when we actually passed by. There weren't a lot of seats and we were definitely lucky to get counter seats when we walked in. 

Not too many choices but one of the best things about these kind of restaurants, you don't have to over think what to have! They were all just as good. Love the fact that they give you a choice of gluten free bread too! Though, I can't help but think a good burger should have a proper bun. I had the Honest burger and loved the onion rings. Was a little disappointed with the beet and apple coleslaw... felt like something was missing with the flavor. Fries (chips) salted with rosemary was just a little soggy for mine, maybe I just prefer crunchy chips on the outside, still fluffy in the middle. Definitely going back for more when I get a chance! 

Honest Burgers (Portobello)
189 Portobello Road
W11 2ED 


  1. omg this burgers look so good! i'm craving one right now. great review :)

    1. Thanks hun ! Give it a try! I'm actually debating with my friends if Honest is better or GBK ! x


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