Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Long Weekend In Brighton - Part 1

Our hotel room

For being almost 10 years in England, I've surprisingly never been to Brighton. Shocking I know... Finally got the chance to go and luckily I haven't brought the rain down just yet and it was a glorious sunny weekend! The first stop for me was definitely explore the lanes of Brighton which we did and I definitely wanted to visit the well known chocolate flagship shop 'Choccywoccydooda'. When we first went it, I felt like it was a sauna in there... you'd be surprised why the chocolate hasn't melt just yet. I love how gothic, quirky and colourful all at the same time! I ended up buying a box of mixed bonbon chocolate and some salted chocolate medallions.  

We decided to stay at the Artist Residence Hotel (click here). The hotel faces the old pier, and the walk to town and pier is only a 10 min walk away. I'm so glad we decided to take the train down to Brighton in the end. I accidentally deleted the photo of the front of the boutique hotel we were staying in... but it was very cute with a bright pink door! Would not have missed it either. I really highly recommend staying at this hotel if you do decide to stay in Brighton for a weekend break!

Up at their Cafe 

Went pass a bubble tea shop and went in to get away from the sunny heat 

Jalapeno Poppers! 

For dinner, we decided to go to Meat Liquor Brighton style (click here) . If the London one is just as good I'm definitely going back to this place for some burgers and fries. Maybe the next time with some cocktails too. Because we were walking around alot, I already felt kina dehydrated, I'm that boring and went for the plain old H2O

Spent some time by the beach before retiring back into our hotel room. 

Hope you enjoyed your weekend x


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