Thursday, 10 July 2014

Back From France

American Vintage Maxi Dress

Naf Naf 

I've recently just returned from a trip from France. Did a little bit of a cheeky shop on the way. You can never go wrong in a Pharmacy or Market in France either. On top of that, it's Sale season! So I took that chance and bought two pieces both French brands. Couldn't pass up on makeup either!! Found a few brands which are only available in France! 

I will have photos from France once I'm back in Hong Kong! Took quite a lot so will have to edit them down as always. 

Just got back from France and now I'm off to Bristol another long weekend.
Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Silvy xxx


  1. I'm moving to France in September! Camembert is good but my favorite cheese is Reblochon. Unfortunately, it's illegal to bring to the U.S., as it isn't pasteurized. :( Can't wait to see more photos!

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

    1. Oh! That's great! Are you going over for an internship? At least you can have as much as you'd like since you're moving there! xx


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