Thursday, 3 July 2014

Chiltern Brewery

Mixed Summer Vegetable Soup with Homemade Bread 

Steak & Ale Pie with Mash 
It was a glorious day and we arrived to the Chiltern Brewery, so headed down a pub called Russell Arms which the shop assistant recommended to us. And it very delicious and unexpected at the same time, very local but with style in a pub as I would say.  

A complimentary drink in the sun  
A little chat before the mini tour

Learning the history of Chiltern & brewery language

Tasting and matching beer with food
The tour itself wasn't long but you'll understand the history of Chiltern Brewery (click here) for sure! It's not the tour you'll be expecting if you've been to Fuller's down in Chiswick but I definitely enjoyed the tasting and pairing of food and beer. Since Chiltern Brewery doesn't mass produce like other breweries do, I do like how they're like craft beer where they produce seasonal beers.

If you're around the area or decided to go for the tour or even the shop, I really do recommend their chutney! A lot of their products are made local just as their beer. Apparently both my parents have been to the Chiltern Brewery a few years ago but they didn't have a tour during that time! But hey! Now we've definitely got some beer in the trunk and headed home with some delicious chutney!

If anyone knows anymore breweries I'd love to hear about them too!

Chiltern Brewery 
Nash Lee Road,
HP17 0TQ

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