Thursday, 17 July 2014

Weekend in Bristol

World Cup Finals! 
Somehow I've managed to delete some of the photos taken on my phone during my trip in Bristol... Don't know what happened there but hey! got a few saved! Thank god for that. We were really lucky to have such glorious weather over the weekend because it was suppose to rain and just rain. Maybe that's why over all these years, I've never really trusted the weather report! 

Lok's friend's took us to a lovely restaurant called The Ox (click here). It's located under ground level, thinking that it might be cooler but no, we were melting indoors. I shared the 30oz  T-bone Steak with Lok  and it's a bummer the photo has been deleted along with the starters too. Wasn't too wowed by the started but when in doubt, go for the steak and desserts. If I have the chance to go back to Bristol again, might actually come here again for a good old steak.

The next day, the sunniest of over the weekend, we headed up to Clifton and went to The White Lion for some lunch and I can still remember walking up to Clifton instead back in the day when I was still a student! or yet, a boarding school student. A nice walk down in Clifton Village and enjoying the view of the Suspension Bridge too. Couldn't ask for more for a chilled day. 

Ended the weekend by watching World Cup Final back in the hotel room. Either of us felt like heading out to the pub to watch the game, so bought a cheeky cider while watching the game. Congratz to Germany who won! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Heat wave in London! Keep yourselves hydrated! 


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