Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Road Trip Part 7 - Last Two Days

A rainy Sunday morning it was, not much can be done since it's raining. It's hard to enjoy a visit/tour to other chateaus around the area or anywhere else in this rain. First thing we saw was this roast chicken stall, when we first walked towards the little town of Lyon la Foret. Believe it or not, about an hour later and when we were walking back to the car heading towards Rouen again, they've completely sold out! We were so tempted to purchase one ourselves because it smell so good made our tummies grumbling. 

Lovely flowers for sale
Just happens so that they recently had a flower arranging competition too! 

My favorite

Stopping at a cafe before heading to Rouen

Since the rain did not stop, we headed back into Rouen to find a spot for lunch, where it felt like it was a ghost town. Don't be alarmed if you see don't see anyone around on a Sunday, it's practically like most places, Sunday is family day. We were about to give up looking for food until we stumble upon this place where we saw many locals! We thought we've hit the jackpot too! The restaurant Gill itself is part of the Reiais and Chateaux and is said to have one Michelin Star, shame we couldn't try it but the quality at the Bistro is just as good. 

Roast Chicken Leg with French Beans 
Smoke Salmon and Fennel Salad
Strawberry Tart and Raspberry Sorbet

We did walk past 'The Great Clock' (Le Gros Horloge) in Rouen again and didn't realize it's been converted into a museum. With a small entrance just below clock itself, only 30 people can walk up and down the clock tower itself at a time because of it's limited space. It's hard to believe that it survived all the wars since the 14th century. With a speaker guide, you'll learn the history and the maintenance from the clock keeper, as well as a magnificent view at the top of the tower viewing the town of Rouen.  

The Original Gears of the Clock

The lady in black was trying to explain what the remains of the structure is to my mom but since we didn't understand a word she said, we could only smile and nod our heads. 

If you think I'm weird, I think I know where I get my genes from! 

The Cider making room 
At the hotel where we stayed actually had a cider pressing room where it was functional till a couple of years ago. It is said that one massive barrel can feed a family's thirst for a whole year. Because water back then wasn't drinkable, so cider was their best bet. 

For our last dinner, we decided to head back to the restaurant where we first went when we arrived because we really enjoyed the food there and I guess it's safer to know there's restaurant opened on a Sunday too! 

Lobster and Foie Gras
Foie Gras

Calvados with sorbet 
Beef with Ratatouille 

Our last night 
 First thing we did after we left for the highway and on route to Calais again. We saw many of the classic cars again on the road! 

Back in England and we still saw  many of the classic cars back from France

Waiting to board into the train
Home Sweet Home
And how could we not have bought any cheeses from France either? Most people would go to Paris and shop down on Champ Elysees but as for us, we did another Carrefour shopping spree before returning to London. Food galore! I think the best of was the Camembert with Calvados in it! Shame I completely forgotten to take a photo of it before having any! 

Gill Cote Bistro
14, Place du Vieux
76000 Rouen


  1. AMAZING pictures! The smoked salmon looks yummy.

    Eye See Euphoria I http://eyeseeeuphoria.com/post/2014-mtv-video-music-awards

  2. Great pictures!

    Sarah x


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