Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Hermès - Leather Forever

The Leather Forever Exhibition currently showcasing at the PMQ from 7th -28th September.
We were invited to see the exhibition before it was opened to the public the night before.

As for this exhibition, it is only showcased in a few countries, including Shanghai, Rome, London, Madrid Taipei and now in Hong Kong. Many of the pieces you get to see are brought from the museum of Hermès. You may find yourself captivated in the world of luxurious leather, creativity and craftsmanship. 

Event Bracelet 
Showcasing how a bag is cut out on a whole piece of leather

All the way from France, she is one of the leather masters
Elsa and one of the family members from Hermès 

Lovely girl whom I did her makeup in the morning! 
If you happened to see this lovely girl around Hong Kong, please tell her I'm really sorry that I accidentally deleted her number, that's why she never got this photo from me. 

Lights were a bit blinding in certain spots but I love this whole piece! 

Mom and I had a horse race
I lost, my saddle fell off 

I wouldn't mind taking this out for a spin! 

One of oldest pieces by Hermès is this piece here
Miniature shoes in a massive Kelly Bag  

Custom Designed
It got a bit smokey in here 
My Outfit
Top and Trousers Zara | Bag Hermès Evelyne | Shoes Jipi Japa
Lips Rimmel London Long Lasting By Kate in Rouge a Leres 30 

Cocktails by The Envoy 

With the Magician
When he stood up straight he's about 6'6... 
I have no idea how he twisted the fork!! 
Small gift by Hermès
Some miel from France and a little plant 
It really is worth going in and have a look! Go now!! Admission is free and I don't have much words to say other than enjoy when you are there, because it's not very often you'll be able to see the White Rhino in all white leather either! Got a bit too excited there but of all pieces, definitely check out the pieces which are custom made because they are rare pieces that is the one and only with a personal touch too. 

It really is and will always be,  Leather Forever for Hermès

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