Thursday, 23 October 2014

Jet Lagged with alot of Food

I must say but I thought I wouldn't be as jet lagged as I thought I would be the few days before I attended the wedding. But anyway! My aunt and uncle were very generous to take us all around town to keep us awake for the most of it too! What am I saying, we're all foodies at the end of the day. 

On route to Toronto! 

The Champion
I managed to finished this plate with three eggs, one whole waffle, ham and potatoes. As proud of as I can be finishing it. I regretted having all of it afterwards. I was feeling immensely sick afterwards...

St. Lawrence Market

I couldn't stop laughing at St. Lawrence Market
The Distillerly District 

Local sake produced in Toronto 

How adorable is that!?

I was tempted to buy it till I was thinking about washing it. 

Interesting combos

Loving this bottle

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