Sunday, 12 October 2014


Displaying all the new colours 

Velvet Lip Liner (Belle Mare)

Audacious Lipstick (Silvia)
I am LOVING this purple 

Nars' 20th Anniversary! To celebrate, they've launched a new range for lips!
I love their lipsticks! More like, what's not to love about their lip range? 

The newest contraption will be the packaging of the lipstick. It's magnetic. I'm not too sure about it because as you know, magnetic things can actually cause problems your cards in your wallet. I'm not the best to explain the whole scientific terms how it affects it but anyway! As far as I know, I will be keeping it away from credit cards that's for sure. I'm definitely going to check out more colours though!

In Hong Kong, we don't have the Narcissist Range which I've been dying to try. Wont be missing the chance since I will be in Canada! 



  1. Wow looks amazing! I need to try some NARS products :-)

    1. I'm loving alot of their colours too!! Definitely go check them out xxx


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