Thursday, 13 November 2014

Mushroom Picking

Okay, it sounds a little weird going mushroom picking in the National Forest in Toronto as well, but I suppose it's another adventure to check off my list. It really was quite the morning! Definitely was weird to see alot of bamboo in a Canadian National Forest though... 

Taking photos of each other being lost in the National Forest... 

Little Fungi growing 

Since we weren't too successful with the mushroom picking because it wasn't humid enough, we went strawberry picking! All 5 of us managed to pick more than we can eat. Don't worry, the best solution to that is to wash, cut the core out from the top, pad them dry with some kitchen towel, throw them all into a freezer bag or ziploc and bang them all into the freezer. 

Ready for Halloween 
Odd ones 
Cos Top & Cardigan | Zara Trousers | Bag American Vintage

Baked Camembert & Calamari 

Salads with Sweet Potato Fries 

Shops @ Don Mills 
Fish Tacos
Restaurant: Joey's (Shops @ Don Mills) 

Cool Asian Dude in Looney Tunes
All time favorite
Chai Tea Latte on a cold day 
Cotton On Dress | Topshop Crop Top | 

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