Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Aftermath...

Okay, the next couple of days after the wedding, it's save to say that even though there's alot of food, there will always be more food. And basically, in this family, it's what we like to call "All Day Eat and Eat All Day". It makes sense in both Chinese and English huh? 

At Unionville Village
Mango Dessert
Tang Yuen

Organic Coffee and a Raisin Cinnamon Bagel 
Tom Yam Soup with Seafood and Noodles

Shredded Pork, Preserved Veggie with Vermicelli 
Dark Roast Coffee and an Apple Cinnamon Bagel 

Two massive lobsters, a Crab and fish 
One massive table, this all can feed all 20 of us. 

Liver Dumping Soup

4 Generations in the House! 

With my gorgeous Great Auntie 

Barbeque Sunday 

Went pumpkin carving as well!! Never a bit early for fun. 

All of our creations (: 


  1. All this food looks so good!!! That is my kind of day!

    1. It's always better with great company ! xxx


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