Monday, 1 December 2014

Last Foods from Canada

Before heading over to Applewood Farm, picking apples, a massive breakie is a must for me and it's not usual for me to have instant noodles but hey! A massive breakfast it is and I need the energy to keep myself warm from the cold wind at the farm! Shame I didn't get any photos at Applewood Farm since I left my camera in the car but after leaving with massive (quite the few) bags of apples into the car, we headed to the winery shop to check their local brews and jams/ pickles. 

After picking apples in the afternoon, we met up with my mom's childhood friend's family (that was a mouth full) to celebrate her birthday. So we went into this Italian restaurant which I went out with a full belly with and with dessert, they took us to another place just for fill our sweet tooth. 

Tuna Carpaccio 
Parma Ham 

Beef Carpaccio

Quail | Foie Gras | Grilled Sea Bass 

Caffe Demetre
I couldn't really decide till I saw someone else's order and went for it
The O.C 

Watch the Cone

Tongue Depresser
My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach was... I couldn't move when I sat onto the sofa when we returned. If I could for next time, I'm definitely sharing instead of being greedy, especially after a massive meal before too!

So we were really lucky get some tickets to watch the  Cirque du Soleil. Their theme this time was called the Cabinet of Curiosities (Kurios). 


Day before we left we managed to go and have a last food marathon with my mom's friends again and since our last meal with our family very early to accommodate with my Great Grand mother. Yes, I'm the fourth generation, my Great Grand mother can also chat in English too. She's definitely one cool Great Grannie. Anyway, after having an early dinner (shame I forgotten to take photos during the first part of our dinner), we then headed back to Don Mills at a restaurant called Bier Markt. Bier Markt does 150 biers (beers) from 30 different countries! For some, it's definitely a bier heaven to drink and enjoy the company you have. 

Markt Wings 

Baked Pot 

Cold Meat Platter (Charcuterie)

Last meal before flying home
And Hong Kong's Protest only has just begun...

That Ends the trip back to Canada. Honestly, it really hasn't changed much from the last time I've been but hey! It's always nice to visit family and have a massive gathering again!

S xx


  1. So much good looking food, I understand how one's eyes could be bigger than one's stomach. What is the story behind the wall of sticky notes? it looks cool. It looks like you all had a lot of fun. :)

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment (:

      All those sticky notes are people's thoughts during the "Occupying Central". It's been on the news for sometime now and you can read it online on .

      I seriously had way too much food though... now for a good detox before all the Christmas and New Years meal to come!!

      Happy Holidays xxx


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