Sunday, 21 December 2014

Weekend to Chao Zhou | Friday

The whole point of this trip was to eat, eat, eat, and eat. What else?! We got up pretty early on a Friday morning and then headed to Lok Ma Chau. Where we crossed the boarder from Hong Kong to Shenzhen at the Futain Checkpoint. Honestly, I've never really traveled to China that many times apart from Shanghai. And my memories of the places in China itself, still scares me sometimes... Especially when you do a pit stop at a gas station. But all in all, when you have a group of foodies on board, there's always a few people to mingle with. Really have to thank my mom's friend for organizing such a great trip filled with amazing food. And now, here I am, after writing all my Christmas Gift Guides, I now have the time to show some photos during this trip! And again, I thought the eating would slow down a bit after coming back from Canada I was totally wrong, it's another "All Day Eat & Eat All Day" Weekend Edition!

We made our first stop at a restaurant after a 4.5 hour journey on the bus towards Shantou area just for lunch. Mind you, this whole trip has been well planned with food in mind so don't be surprised to see so much food at all! There were about 22 on this food tour, so there were plenty of us to try their local delicacies.  

Choices Choices!! 
Apple Vinegar Juice | Plum Wine 
Deep Fried Shrimp Roll 
Chao Zhou Stewed Vegetables | Braised Goose Meat
Chinese Cockles
九肚魚 | Conch Meat
Fried Tofu 
Steamed Fish
Soup with Conch Meat and Chinese Olives 

So! Our second stop where we stayed at the Greenland Mountain Villa, a very quiet park which includes a few amusement features. Though, it was so quiet it seemed like a ghost town. So there weren't much to do here apart from doing a slow walk around and learning about their history of how the meatballs became famous. As well as their local styled baked chicken. 

Piggy's Stomach 
These were smaller than my pinky!! 
Broil Pork pieces 
Dessert | Sweet potato and Taro
Starfruit | Fresh Dates | Guava

All weekend, I wore this pair of shoes. Anyone going for a hike or long walk holidays should consider a pair! I'm not sponsored to promote this but personally recommending! 


  1. Yum yum! Wonderful photos of mouth watering food! Well done Stephanie, cannot see more of your adventures :-) xx

    1. Thank you sweetie ! I can't wait to see the rest of the photos that you took from HK!! xxx

  2. I do not think I'd be brave enough to try all that ;) Amazing though!

    1. I wasn't brave enough to try the chinese cockles... but trying everything else at least once is definitely better than none!! x


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