Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Weekend to Chao Zhou | Saturday

Since there really wasn't anything to do the night before, I managed to go to bed before 10pm. A bit of a miracle for my sleeping pattern, I suppose the long bus ride tired me out too. SO! A light breakie to start the day off! We were warned not to eat too much during the day because we were going to have two dinners in the evening. Yup. Two. I still need the energy during the day, so I choose Chao Zhou styled congee, a steamed tea egg and veggie bun, tried some of their meat with preserved vegetables too. On top of that with a small glass of soy milk, I think that does it for energy intake for the morning!

After breakfast, we went to this part museum, part temple and part office of a politician. Names I'm not too sure how exactly to translate because one, I honestly can't find one... two. I'm that type who can't stand still and listen to the tour guide. Don't get me wrong, the tour guide is one of the nicest person ever that I've met from China but I went off wondering taking photos instead. Typical me. 

Fossilized Wood 

Massive Bag of Guava!! 
Xiang Zi Bridge 

Don't worry, they didn't exactly had to cycle all the way to where we had lunch... They had a electrical motor installed underneath. 

Chinese style mise en place

They tour guide was not kidding about food. Here's why... 

Sea cucumber 
Quail Soup with Chinese Olives 
Fried Shrimp wrapped with noodles 

Stuffed Pork Intestines | Fried Shrimp Balls | BBQ Pork | Spring Rolls 
Egg Custard Buns 
Scalloped with Glass noodles 
Fish Strips with Veggies 
Sweet potato and Taro
Baby Abalone  

Got to have some Guava 
NOTE : Try not to have the seeds of guava if you don't want to feel constipated. 

After having an other fulfilling lunch, we went on and walked around the historic old town.
Off to the Xiang Zi Bridge after a quick tour around a local temple and then we had some good old meatballs for a snack. 

Meatballs for a snack

This man said it will take him a year to carve a piece like this... 

Walking over the Xiang Zi Bridge 

Zara Denim Shirt | F21 Tank Top | Zara Chinos | Aigle Shoes | American Vintage Backpack 

A cheeky #selfie 
 I was really tried and not too interested in thewhole shopping bit, so I decided to stay in the bus while the rest of the group went shopping spree at the whole sale area to purchase some china, tea sets and tableware as souvenirs. 

Hotpot time!

Pork Balls 
Fish pieces | Pork Balls already cooking | Octopus 
Conch Meat 
We shared about 5 plates of these conch meat each table 

I wasn't joking about having the second dinner... Off we went to have congee! 

Choosing the ingredients for the congee
Preserved Grouper Fish

Chinese Pickles
Ping Pong Ball Sized Fish balls 
Fish Congee 
Sweet potato and Yam
It keeps appearing because it's what they do have for dessert!

After all that food, we headed to our second hotel. I then slept like a piggy. 


  1. Wow Stephanie, everything looks so cool and amazing!!! I bet you had an amazing time =D I know I wouldn't be brave enough to try half of that food, haha!

    Rosie's Life

    1. If you do have a chance please do try! It's only once and afterwards, if you don't like it, don't ever have it again! Best advice I can only give xxx


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